Art can save the world! Do you agree with me? If yes, you’re in the right place. I would like to introduce some of my artistic thoughts here. All you guys are artists anyway. You don’t need to be a painter, dancer or writer to call yourself as an artist. In the modern world it’s much easier to express yourself. Let’s assume that fashion is a distinct piece of art. Just have a look at your wardrobe, be creative when it comes to outfits. 

OK, you might have a question “where can I find inspiration?” Easy task. You can always check the websites VOGUE or Harper’s BAZAAR, then read fashion magazines like ELLE or just follow fashion bloggers on Instagram or Twitter. Today, social networks are overwhelmed with this kind of information. However, the easiest way will be to follow my blog.

On this page, I’m going to keep you informed about all the latest trends. What color did the PANTONE chose for 2020?  Midi length or Maxi? High heels or Sneakers for your every day look? How to spend less but at the same time be stylish? I’ll be gathering information from different sources and my main aim is timeliness. Because fashion has one well known trait-it’s constantly changing, but it’s even more fun. In this case we’ll have more instruments to find our own style and passion.

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