Do you still keep saying that you have nothing to wear, but at the same time your wardrobe does not fit in your closet? It really is such a typical dilemma. Buying stuff and being stylish are two opposite things! If we’re being honest, I would prefer to have less clothes, and the reason is simple. First of all, it’s about quality. You can have 5 pairs of shoes in your closet and perfectly fit them with half of your wardrobe. Secondly, it’s a good way to develop your own style. There is no reason to buy ten coats in ten different colors if you don’t know how to mix them with the rest of your outfit. It’s just a waste of time and money. 

Honestly, you need no more than 20 pieces of clothes for the upcoming season. It’s spring outside, and finally we have good weather. From a personal stand point, this time of year is perfect for being stylish! For example, let’s take a second to think about all the trench coats, leather jackets and hats we can wear now! 

It’s also important to make sure that you have a good pair of jeans, black pants, some casual t-shirts in both white and black. Please don’t forget the value of one little black dress! Also don’t forget about how good cardigans look with a nice long trench coat. It’s definitely a must-have this season. Then buy some sweatshirts and a basic turtleneck as well. In terms of shoes it’s even less work to do! Two pairs of sneakers, oxfords, chelseas and heels would be enough to complement the look. Now, you know the recipe for having a perfect wardrobe!


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