Today we are witnessing something extremely unusual. Who would ever think that life would take such an abrupt turn? I bet no one was ready to face the pandemic and be deprived of their favorite things. 

As the number of cases continued to grow, the shopping malls and other small and medium-sized businesses were forced to close their doors. It has isolated people from the real world, which is quite sad. I never thought that simple things like doing groceries would matter so much. However, as the saying goes you appreciate things after you lose them!

As an international student who came to Canada with a 23 kg suitcase, I faced a bit of a challenge. I was always postponing shopping due to the loaded schedule I had at school. Meanwhile, everything seemed to be normal, but was it really? 

I came to the conclusion that online shopping wasn’t a bad idea anymore. While exploring different websites, I came across discounts and appealing offers. Let me introduce the top 3 brands that can accommodate online shopping best. First of all, I would like to mention H&M. I know that it’s not surprising that I’m mentioning one of the biggest clothing companies in the world, but I am! It has amazing discounts and a large variety of clothes to offer. Personally, I bought some basic stuff like t-shirts, hoodies and a dress. 

The next brand is ZARA. When it comes to buying shoes online, I prefer this brand. It has affordable prices and the shoes are very stylish. Also, ZARA offered a wide range of discounts on outwear, cardigans, and clothes from previous collections. 

Finally, I would wrap up my top 3 with SIMONS. I found this online shopping experience to be the most interesting one. On its website you can find everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. You can even adjust the price you want, and the site will show things according to your preferences.

It was not a bad experience in general, and I like the idea of not standing in a huge line. However, I would appreciate the shopping experience I am used to, the one where I can actually walk into a store!

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