Trends tend to change very fast. You barely wore that dress, but it’s already out of fashion? I know what you mean, and I had the same issue before. Sometimes I was buying clothes with no general conception of how to match them with my wardrobe. These purchases were useless. As a result, each time it bothered methat I was wasting money. There was no one to say that shopping can be preplanned and eventually I might save a lot of money. 

Nowadays, you can find different hints and tips regarding fashion on social media platforms. Just have a look at Instagram or Facebook. You can learn the basics of fashion or at least follow the latest trends. Even YouTube can be your source forthis specific information. One way or another, I need to tell you this secret of how to save money and, at the same time, look like you have a personal stylist. The answer is quite simple – combine fashion capsules! You can do that on your own or might ask for help from a person qualified in the fashion industry. The capsule might consist of 15 – 20 pieces, which perfectly match each other. 

Recently, I came across one interesting Instagram page. It was the page of two young stylists from Kiev. I instantly fell in love with their work and their style. Therefore, I decided to text them! They only asked me to fill out a survey, which included questions about my preferences and style. They can combine a capsule based on your previous style preferences, body type, and even appearance. I figured out what colours will suit me the best and how I can hide my flaws. Also, they added some interesting details, including accessories. The most important thing was that they attach the links to each piece of clothing you need. So, then you can buy everything on the same day. I found this experience fascinating because you can ask for professional advice.

Don’t be afraid to try something absolutely new! Fashion capsules are simply great and will save your money!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1yObB4xthE


  1. Well, spending too much time choosing your outfit can ruin the rest of your day. Based on my own experience. I don’t want to be a slave to trends and at the same time I hate the idea of sticking to basics. I guess I still have to work on my desire of variety instead of quality in my wardrobe.P. S. I just donated two bags of clothing that I haven’t wore for more than a year today. It’s quite disappointing that I can not learn from my own mistakes of overbuying things I don’t need.


    1. It’s very nice of you, not everyone will donate his personal belongings! I just think that we need to learn how to spend money more consciously . It’s better to buy all your stuff at once for every season, rather than overbuying things on a permanent basis.


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