For some reason we all have individual preferences when it comes to inspiration. That’s absolutely normal because every person is unique. I mentioned in my previous post that regarding fashion today, we have so many sources to inspire ourselves. Some people prefer to read fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. While for others, influencers and bloggers seem to be the main source for trends and fashion. Personally, I have found influencers to be very creative and talented on social media. 

Let me take this moment to introduce Leonie Hanne. I came across her Instagram page quite recently, but it instantly grabbed my attention. My first impression was simply wow, she’s terrific. Now her Instagram page has over 2 million followers and no wonder why. Leonie is absolutely a pro in being stylish. I like how she’s managing her content. It’s pretty obvious that Leonie has great skillsets in video production. Just spend a minute and watch some of her latest work, I promise you’ll like it!

Moving on, and my next recommendation would be Marianna Eliseeva. She is an absolutely gorgeous woman and a talented stylist as well. In addition to an Instagram page with about 400, 000 followers, she runs a personal YouTube channel. It’s mostly content like shopping vlogs, fashion interviews and fashion tips. I like her stylistic approach and If you check her work, you will get what I mean. She’s showing how to convert a casual look into something fascinating. Marianna is definitely worth your attention. 


Last but not least, there is Camille Charriere. This woman needs no introduction because her blog is very popular on social media. With an audience close to a million, she has introduced her minimalist approach in fashion on a large scale. Camille has introduced the @fashionnofilter podcast where she gives her insights into the fashion industry. Also, she tends to have a charming personality, which is hard thing to overlook these days. 

That’s it, now you know my favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram. I hope that you’ll have a chance to go through every page and find something special for yourself.


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